• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Valentine’s Day is coming up, let’s also keep in mind that we need to love ourselves first. Beauty starts from the inside, so I would be neglectful if I did not talk about self-love and the importance of doing the work of our inner beauty.

Health is Love owned by Dr. Anisa Shomo gives health, wellness and self-care tips/resources. Health is Love Co. is a brand created by Dr. Anisa Shomo, a family medicine physician who encourages everyone to love themselves, their tribe, and their village better. Remembering to love yourself first is a priority. 

3 Self Love Tips:

1. Do the work to change your inner voice from negative commententary to positive. 

     a. Affirmations are a great way to help work on this for example: “I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am magical.” (inspired by a line in Finding My Sparkle)

2. Avoid perfectionist tendencies. We are all perfectly imperfect. Embrace your imperfections. 

      b. When you find yourself going down the perfectionist rabbit hole, tell yourself: I am enough, right now, as I am. 

3. Avoid people who are hypercritical, you know, the typical “mean girls” who want to change everything about everyone, including themselves. 

      c. Your tribe should uplift you with love, offer meaningful feedback, and provide therapeutic conversations. 

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