• Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

‘Skin bags’ with HerMD

Reader Question:

As I get older, I notice that I have these “fat bags” that sit halfway down my nose positioned under both of my eyes.  I’ve seen these “bags” on other women as well – slender women, not so slender women, women of different sizes.  What do I need to do to get rid of these bubbles on my face?  A younger woman in my office once had the same issue and had surgery to remove them.  Is that my only option?  And if so, where would you recommend, I go?


Based off your description this seems to be due to the aging process.  Our anatomy in the face has these upside-down triangles that lay on our cheek bones which give us the youthful appearance. As we age, these start to droop which in turn causes the jouling and laxity in the skin to occur. When we lose the volume in the cheeks, the fat pads that we have under our eyes start to come forward. Resulting in “under eye bags”, dark circles, and texture. 

When addressing this concern based on the severity, the patient’s expectations, and budgets. It’s recommended to start with a great medical grade eye cream. One with caffeine and a whisper of retinol is ideal. The second option may be to add volume back to the areas. This is where its best to have your concerns addressed by a skilled injector. Injecting a dermal filler onto the cheekbones and temples will create a more youthful look and lessen the appearance of the undereye bags. Tear trough filler may be an option as well. The last option that is recommended could be to remove them surgically. I would encourage you to visit HerMD health for a complimentary consultation to discuss the best treatment option for you.

Lexi, HerMD Aesthetics Manager and Aesthetician 

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