• Tue. May 30th, 2023

Beauty & Business: A follow up conversation from The Chocolate News Part 3

Featured guest: Candace M. Bates

Continuing our series with Candace M. Bates, we’ve been realigning our goals but also making sure you have all the tools at hand to be successful. As an entrepreneur myself, I know the importance of making sure your business foundation is strong, first and foremost. Herald Beauty has been fortunate enough to highlight so many beauty businesses in 2021, we also want to help these businesses succeed. We will be doing a serious of Beauty & Business pieces to do just that. 

I had the great opportunity to sit down with Candace M. Bates who has an insurance agency (Black Woman Owned) The Candace Bates State Farm Agency -that helps with this initiative.  

Please check out these helpful life insurance tips Candace shared. For more information, please visit the Chocolate News podcast on thecincinnatiherald.com and also https://www.candacebatesinsurance.com/

March is Women’s History Month, here are some facts you may not know:

  • Women’s life span is almost 8% on average longer than men’s
  • The average expectancy in women at birth is 79 while men is 72
  • Disturbing 2021 study in Insurance Barometer, shows that just 47% of women have life insurance, verses 58% of men. We need to change this narrative, and I would like to talk more about it.
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