• Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

By Tiffanie N. B., MPS.

Digital Strategist, Lead Beauty Writer, Serial Bargain Beauty Shopper

We’ve started to see more, the rise of CBD in many products and now brands have started to implement CBD in beauty products but why? For most there is a certain hesitation around CBD and no need to explain why, I’m pretty sure we all know why that is. We know these reasons but do we know that CBD actually contains many useful benefits for the skin? Make sure you read more to get the answers to these questions.

Surprisingly, CBD contains mainly anti-inflammatory elements that can be used to reduce triggers of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.  Creams and Oils infused with CBD can help relax and smooth the skin while also reducing the appearance of irritation. Because of this, many brands have started to implement and infuse CBD into many of their facial products.

Recently, Botanics added to their “Simply Calm” collection – a line of CBD infused products, perfect for a new nightly routine.

Simply Calm with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – Cleansing Milk for Stressed Skin

Cleansing Milk is a typical type of cleanser used to remove makeup, dirt, and unwanted marks on the face. The Simply Calm with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil can be used for the same things. It is also ingrained with cucumber and aloe vera that aids in the process of helping the appearance of the skin. This product is formulated with an essential oil blend of lavender, mandarin, and rosemary which all together is the perfect blend to peacefully condition the skin before applying the overnight make and facial oil.

Cleansing Milk for Stressed Skin. Photo provided

Simply Calm with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – Facial Oil for Stressed Skin

Facial oil, as we’ve seen in previous articles, has many benefits that include added moisture and nourishment to the skin. This facial has an added benefit of being infused with argan and lavender oil. Argan oil is rich in that it can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions and can also be used to effectively regulate sebum (an oily, waxy substance produced by the body’s glands) on the skin. If you have very oily skin and are afraid to touch oils but wish to try them, this is the facial oil for you.

Facial Oil for Stressed Skin. Photo provided

Simply Calm with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – Hydrating Overnight Mask

Permeated with avocado oil, the overnight mask is used specifically for calming and hydrating the skin overnight. It’s a light and creamy substance that, when used overnight, returns the hydration to your skin and makes it look more healthier and glowing for the next day. The overnight mask has an essential oil blend of lavender, mandarin, and a personal favorite; rosemary.

Even with hesitation this collection is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, skin irritations and rough, excited skin. Built into your nightly skin routine, they can change the appearance and feel of your skin within a week. These products are definitely another recommended add to your beauty catalog.

Hydrating Overnight Mask. Photo provided

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Tiffanie B.

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