• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022


Watch Night: Shows the History of Watch Night and the importance placed on it by Freed and enslaved people of African, Indian/African, Euro/African descent,  working in collaboration with the Cincinnati Opera.

Feb – MarchJuneteenth Voices of Freedom – Reflections of the anticipation and emotions evoked by emancipation and “Freedom”.  In collaboration with the Kennedy Heights Arts Center, visual art, spoken word, dance and music are used to show some of the emotions of the newly freed people.  Presented at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center Annex on Feb 26, and March 5, 19, and 26. These artworks will be shared with the Juneteenth festival goers on June 18t and possibly June 19.

June 12: Wade In The Water  On June 12, 2022, join Juneteenth Cincinnati in acknowledging the significant role of water in the 400-year history of African enslavement and the quest for freedom with a ceremony along the banks of the Ohio River, symbolizing the journey from enslavement to freedom.

Water was an inescapable aspect of the experience of people of African descent as they were forced on this deadly trip to the Americas.  Africans began the horrifying journey by traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, crammed like cattle in the holds of slave ships.   Once in the United States, they were shipped up river and down, to plantations and farms where they (and their descendants) would spend the rest of their lives in bondage.  The Ohio River was a dividing line between enslavement and freedom. Escape via the Underground Railroad sometimes began with refuge in watery and deadly southern swamps.  A century later police infamously used water as a weapon, turning high-powered fire hoses against civil rights demonstrators.  And most recently, the threat of arrest is used a weapon to keep people from giving water to others waiting in long voting lines as a means to keep them from voting.

We are inviting freedom lovers outside the Cincinnati area to join us virtually by performing a similar dance over, beside or near a significant water site in your area and tape the performance. It can be the Atlantic Ocean, the Mississippi River, The Ohio River, a lake or a swamp or any other area with water depicting the struggle for freedom.  These performances will be  edited together and place on our website, You Tube, and/or Vemio.

June 13-17: Flag Raisings Juneteenth Cincinnati will work with The Cincinnati Art Museum, Hamilton County, and City Hall and others to show how important it is to recognize and celebrate the end of legalized slavery for all people by raising Juneteenth flag in several areas of Cincinnati,

June 18: Juneteenth Festival A celebration of the end of slavery held in EdenPark, with 2 stages of entertainment, a supervised children’s area with horseback riding, petting animals, face painting, games, make and takes for Father’s Day History area, with Tuskegee Airmen, Montford Point Marines, 105th colored troupe re-enactors, buffalo soldiers, Health area with non-invasive testing and general information, Music, food, and fun.  

Entertainment will feature Black Music Month Cincinnati Style, which will include nationally known, Ohio-based bands performing in Seasongood Pavilion    

June 19: June Fest – Father’s Day Concert. June Fest was a concert series held in Eden Park from 1929 through the early 1950’s, when African Americans were not welcome in Music Hall.  Juneteenth Cincinnati revived the tradition in 2005 as a Father’s Day concert in Seasongood Pavilion, with a variety of inspirational music and dancing.  This year to celebrate the coming back after 2 years of being virtual because of Covid, we will be involving many well know Ohio groups.

June 20: Juneteenth Parade – bands, clowns, dignitaries, step teams, drill teams Etc.

Juneteenth Summer Flame A  program of youth entertainment, self- esteem building and History once a week.  We will target youth and senior centers. With Sponsorship, each person attending will receive a goodie bag.