• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Forgotten Legends Brunch features plaintiffs in Collaborative Agreement Lawsuits    


Upcoming Event / Free Entry

Sunday, May 1, Noon to 4 p.m.

Park Place Restaurant, 1185 Kemper Meadow Dr. Cincinnati, 45240

     Charles A. Wiley, a lead plaintiff in one of the lawsuits that led up to the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement, grew up in the projects of Lincoln Heights. During his youth and as an adult, he was a victim of racial profiling, police brutality, and systemic racism. Wiley’s book, “To God Be The Glory: We Must Never Give Up (This Is My Story Growing Up Black In America),” powerfully describes the rioting and looting during the police shooting and death of Timothy Thomas.

    Now, 20 years later, Wiley has organized a brunch too provide Cincinnatians an opportunity to listen to some of the plaintiffs. The “Forgotten Legends” will be highlighted and remembered at the brunch on Sunday, May 1. They will briefly share what happened to them at the hands of the Cincinnati police and what they are currently doing.

     Below are the names of those involved in the 16 cases which were resolved that helped create the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement, improved community/police relations, and made history:

      Elise Carpenter (Mother of Michael Carpenter)

      Bomani Tyehimba

      Vincent Clark and Terry Horton

       Angela Leisure (Mother of Timothy D. Thomas)

       Lisa Youngblood-Smith

       John E. Harris

       Stephanie and Paul Keith

       Enrico Martin

       Roderick Glenn

       Arnold White

      Tony Stillwell

      Shelia Barnes

      Antonio Johnson

      Matthew Shaw

      Mark A. Ward and Ronnie Cuthbertson

      Charles A. Wiley

     The Rev. Damon Lynch, of New Prospect Baptist Church, will say a prayer that the city will continue to move forward, prosper and grow.  Radio talk show host Lincoln Ware provide the introduction.

        Charles Wiley strongly encourages other cities across the country to take a strong look at Cincinnati’s Collaborative Agreement. This will help them to understand the positive impact that it is making in Cincinnati.