• Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Care Corner: Caring for Family Possessions

By Dr. Tyra Oldham

Care for a loved one is also about the protection of their things. Your loved one has accumulated possessions over the years, and as the caregiver, it is your role to protect their belongings while they are alive and after they’re gone. Imagine all the work and savings that went into establishing an art collection or acquiring collectibles. A caregiver’s role is to understand what is important to their loved ones. What is valuable to your loved one may not be valuable to you, but the caregiver’s job is to keep their lineage and Black history intact through art preservation.

Art preservation is vital to our community. We lose our history when our possessions are misappropriated. The opportunity is for caregivers to learn and care for the possessions of their loved ones. Caregivers can talk to their loved ones and find out about the origins of the property. As your loved one shares how, where, and why they obtained their art, it is another look into your family members’ lives.

The first step is to chronicle the property by name and provenance. Next, take photos of each item. If possible, contact an insurance company to protect the property.

The ability to secure your loved one’s property is another step in the care process. Protecting your loved one’s legacy is another way to honor and preserve their things for generations to come. The next step is to place their art into a trust or will it to an art or historical society such as Amistad Research Center in New Orleans. Amistad is a keeper of Black family lives.

To learn more about art preservation, contact Toilynn O’Neal of the New American Art Gallery.

Never underestimate the value and importance of your loved one’s collectibles. Their collectible may be a gift of history or the family’s lineage. Families need to discuss the role of art and collectibles in their family. Caring keeps the generations alive and provides a voice to the past and the future. 

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