• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The Contemporary Arts Center announces partnership with ASHA AMA and Queens Village Cincinnati to present NEW MOON: A Fashion Healing Experience

April 30, 2022-June 5, 2022

ASHA AMA’s NEW MOON: A Fashion Healing Experience is an exhibition and programming series that looks to the future—how will the world look through the healing of divine Black female energy? Join designer ASHA AMA and Queen’s Village at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) for NEW MOON, a Co-LAB exhibition. The collection will premiere at the Contemporary Arts Center in an immersive Fashion Healing Experience on April 30th that includes guided meditation, aerial arts, solfeggio frequencies, music, and fashion. NEW MOON is led by accredited fashion designer ASHA AMA.

The NEW MOON collection is the next chapter to ASHA AMA’s 2021 NEGRO SOLSTICE collection. NEGRO SOLSTICE explored Black Identity and deeper meaning of the catastrophic events that started in 2020. NEW MOON ushers in the Age of Aquarius and celebrates Black femininity—an energy that could heal and enlighten the world. Set your intention for yourself. How will you shed what doesn’t serve you and lead with what does?

The collection will be highlighted in an immersive exhibit featuring editorial photos and videos of Black mothers and daughters adorned in the collection in a joyful celebration of Black motherhood. The exhibition will run April 30 – June 5 at the Contemporary Arts Center.

NEW MOON is a Through Her Eyes collaboration between Queens Village, ASHA AMA, and the

Contemporary Art Center’s Co-LAB program with support from Arts Wave. Co-LAB is a public laboratory program that invites artists and creatives to collaborate on community-based projects through the CAC’s Education Department.

Event Dates/Programming

• ASHA AMA’S NEW MOON Fashion Healing Experience– presented by ASHA AMA & Queens


April 30th, 6pm – 10pm at the Contemporary Arts Center

• NEW MOON Virtual Premier and “Pay Me in Equity”: Panel Discussion

May 19, 5:30 21C Gallery 2

Featuring the release of ASHA AMA’s NEW MOON Virtual Premiere, followed by a conversation

hosted by Fashion Illustration Professor and DAAP Diversity Inclusion Liaison, Randall Wilson,

with sisters Asha and Ayan Ama Bias-Daniels. Ayan is a Staff Visual Designer and Design Lead.

The panel will discuss financial and mental health equity and how they have thrived in the

corporate and entrepreneurial design industry as Black women.

• Living and Loving Your Grown Woman Body: Panel Discussion with Queen’s Village

May 26, 6-8pm at the Contemporary Arts Center, Black Box

Life after giving birth changes drastically, so do our bodies. We’re changing the narrative of

negative self-talk by loving our grown woman bodies! Join Queens Village & ASHA AMA as we

discuss body image, wellness, self-love, and fashion! Learn tips on how to practice self-

compassion, self-acceptance, and how to slay by dressing your new body! Moderated by Deevah

D, featuring ASHA AMA, Dawn Flanigan, and Queens Village mamas.

• Retail Therapy Brunch

May 29, 12-4pm at 21C

A shopping experience complete with therapeutic aspects, the Retail Therapy Brunch will give

guests the opportunity to shop the NEW MOON collection. ASHA AMA has collaborated with

young Black Female creative entrepreneurs on a special line of jewelry, makeup, and hair

accessories so guests can shop the complete look. Black women are underrepresented,

undervalued, and under paid in creative fields, often being asked to work for free or have our

creativity pirated without receiving credit. The NEW MOON collection not only celebrates Black

women but seeks to give a platform to our overlooked talent to build their business empires.

The brunch will feature a luxury tasting experience created by Executive Chef Han and a Beauty

Bar where guests can luxuriate in the NEW MOON collection.

For more information and to get tickets go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/asha-ama-new-moon-events-271789