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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I’m talking about our children being killed by gun violence. Fact: In America, more children are killed by gun violence that police are killed by gun violence.

Republicans like Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell were given close to $100,000 by the NRA – that’s why they are quiet about the massacred children in this latest Texas shooting.

Republicans promote gun violence, with their loose or nonexistent gun laws. Texas is a prime example that Kentucky lawmakers follow. Their Republican propaganda is: The criminals, immigrants, race wars and even big government are after you. “You “being the law abiding citizens – so get a gun. Republicans have promoted fear and paranoia, turning the United States into a killing field.

Republicans have unleashed civilian assassins onto our innocent children with these open, lack of restrictions and background checks on guns for decades now.

I’m sick of it and you should be, too.

I was invited to watch my little grandson graduate from preschool the other day . Very festive occasion. But in the back of my mind , I was thinking about the possibility of an assassin entering this school. Questioning a fellow “grandfather” standing with me about my thoughts, he claimed he was thinking the same thing .

All assault rifles should be banned . You give someone a hammer, what do they do with it ? Change the word “ hammer “ to a “gun.” That’s simple enough for anyone to understand, isn’t it?

And so Republicans keep or country trapped, ricocheting one tragedy to our children to another. It’s not inevitable, it’s not necessary, it’s not normal.  No other country comes close to this American carnage on our children, but no other country has American Republicans .

With this proliferation of guns, by Republicans, where they have dropped any barriers and lowered the age for anyone to buy assault rifles and hand guns – unleashing these, mostly right wing extremist assaults onto innocent people, it appears to be a type of genocide.

The Republicans use the conservatives, stacked on the Supreme Court to uphold a corrupt and bastardized interpretation of our Second Amendment to make these horrific crimes  possible. This Republican thinking is based on an over-200-year-old law about an individual’s right to bear arms. That’s when the population density, per square mile of this country was a fraction of what it is now . Plus they were carrying around single shot muskets that had to be “ muzzle loaded” that took two minutes to reload. Today it’s assault rifles like the AR-15, meant to kill humans, that kill our children. They fire hundreds of rounds a minute. Handguns are meant to kill humans, too.

President Clinton banned assault rifles and there were fewer mass shootings and crime rate went down, but when the ban expired under the next Republican Administration the manufacturing of guns rose, along with the mass killings of our children in schools.

Richard Jones

Frankfort Ky.

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