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We are officially OUTSIDE! However, so is our skin. Let’s make sure while we are enjoying the summer months that our skin can enjoy them safely as well. A lot of people battle with sun damage already, I’ve asked Lexi, Aesthetic manager & esthetician at HerMD for her best advice on what/how we can use to reverse sun damage on your skin. Read her recommendations here:

The best way to reverse the sun damage is to prevent it. Prevention is KEY! Following Morgan and I on the skincare journey with all the tips and tricks or you just now hearing about ways to protect your skin, let’s chat about treatments to correct sun damage. 

-Retinoids are going to help with the texture and tone of the skin. Seeing results can take up to 3-6 months when using it consistently. Retinols can also help bring deep pigmentation closer to the skin’s surface and slough off. 

-Growth Factors. Growth Factors can help strengthen damaged fibers caused by sun exposure. My favorite Growth Factor to use is the ZO skin-health Growth Factor serum. The texture gives a nice glide along with hydration to smooth deep lines.

-IPL Treatments. IPL is also known as Intense Pulse Light. Using this light therapy technology specifically designed for dark spots in the, bringing them closer to the surface for them to fall off leaving a smooth, even appearance to the skin. Treatments of IPL are perfect during the cooler months when done in a series. IPL has many benefits on the skin including helping patients with rosacea and acne. 

-Morpheus8 micro needling is a great way to resurfacing the skin. Using this to treat lax skin, texture, scares, pore sizes, submental fat cells, and so much more!

-Seeing a professional (like the ladies at HerMD) for professional aesthetic advice to take charge of your beauty from the inside and out!

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