• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Health is Love owned by Dr. Anisa Shomo gives health, wellness and self-care tips/resources. Health is Love Co. is a brand created by Dr. Anisa Shomo, a family medicine physician who encourages everyone to love themselves, their tribe, and their village better. Remembering to love yourself first is a priority. Dr. Shomo gives us some great advice for checking in with some mid-year feedback.

Most people set goals for improving their lives in January. For many physicians, July is a time of transition to new roles and responsibilities. We offer each other feedback for how to improve our skills and our practices. We also celebrate our promotions to new positions. This July, I have a lot to celebrate in my career. I am most proud of my new course called 14 Day Coping Skills: Neutralize trauma using “The LOVE Method”. As a Family Medicine physician, I am passionate about helping people learn how to use constructive coping skills to build better lives. I invite you to learn more about this course and celebrate this win with me! Happy July! 

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