Photo provided by Morgan Angelique Owens

By Leah Scurlock 

Here’s a friendly and healthy reminder to make sure you clean your makeup application products regularly. Bacteria and germs can grow on just about anything and you wouldn’t want it to be applied to your skin. Here is a how-to on cleaning your makeup sponges/brushes.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • A bowl of water 
  • Cleanser 
  • Oil 
  • Paper towels 

Throw all your dirty sponges in the water. Get them saturated by squeezing. Add some oil to the water to cut through makeup. Use a gentle foaming cleanser in the water and soak sponges for 5-10 minutes. Add soap directly onto sponges and work the cleanser into dirty spots. Rinse well with clean lukewarm water. Squeeze excess water out and lay on a paper towel to dry! Below is a list of cleansers you can use.  

  1. Dr. Bronner’s peppermint distilled soap 
  2. Dawn Dishwashing liquid
  3. Johnson and Johnson Baby wash
  4. Beauty Blender Cleansing Bar 
  5. Beauty Blender Foaming Cleanser

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