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By Farrah Parker

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Rainbow Promotions, in association with Robbie Todd Productions, presents the inaugural Cincinnati International Jazz Festival September 2-3 at the Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati. This two-day celebration features award winning multi-instrumentalist Brian Culbertson, Avery*Sunshine, Norman Brown and more amidst the backdrop of the incredible skyline on the scenic shores of the Ohio River. 

“Cincinnati has a longstanding history of celebrating vibrant music that moves and inspires,” said Kim Benoit, President & CEO of Rainbow Promotions. “We are thrilled to present some of the most talented musicians in the world for a celebration that the city deserves.”

Boasting food, art, and culture, Day 1 of the festival features Avery*Sunshine, Norman Brown and Alex Bugnon. Day 2 presents Brian Culbertson, Keiko Matsui, Gerald Albright, Damien Escobar, Nestor Torres, Maysa, Brian Simpson, Eric Roberson and Jackiem Joyner.

With an exhilarating career that includes a 20-album catalog, Culbertson has earned more than 40 Billboard No. 1 singles as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer—making him one of the most celebrated performers of our time.

“I’m excited to be back in Cincinnati, home of King Records, Bootsy Collins, Skyline Chili, and so much more,” said Culbertson.  “Gonna be a blast!”  

With a pavilion that includes creative retail options including clothes, accessories, art, and more, the Cincinnati International Jazz Festival follows Rainbow’s blueprint of creating a safe and invigorating environment that feels like family.

Tickets are on sale now. Cincinnati International Jazz Festival

Friday, September 2 – Saturday, September 3   

Smale Riverfront Park

166 W Mehring Way

Cincinnati, OH 45202

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