• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Deputy Richard Jones retires after 32 years with Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

By Dan Yount

The Cincinnati Herald

“Deputy Richard Jones, who has just completed 32 years of service to the Hamilton County Jail Services Division and retired August 16, has been a fabulous deputy sheriff,” said Hamilton County Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey during Jones’ last day. 

Jones, who started at the department’s Work House at the Queen’s Gate facility on August 16, 1990, then transferred to the Hamilton County Justice Center, and the Reading Road and the Woodburn Avenue facilities, faced a lot of stress during those years, McGuffey said, for his work as corrections officer with incarcerated men required him to be a social worker, a “dad” and an officer clerk, sometimes all at the same time.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Richard Jones is presented a plaque recognizing his 32 years of service to the people of Hamilton County by Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey. Photo by Dan Yount

“Rich was always firm, but fair, with the inmate population, and he knew when to call B.S.,” the sheriff said. “Most of all, he was a great friend to his partners, a great listener, and he had some good one-liners. There was never a dull moment when Rich was around.”

Deputy Jones used very little sick time during his career, she said. His supervisor, Sgt. Tim Scholz, said Jones always showed up at work on time and never missed a day. Chief Jack Gramke, added that Jones’s tenure of 32 years at the department “is not small thing.” 

Family members celebrate Deputy Sheriff Richard Jones retirement. From left are Callie Bailey, mother-in-law; Eugene Bailey, father-in-law, Kay Bailey Smith- Yount and Jones. Photo by Dan Yount

He is described as a friend and brother by fellow officers. Jones added that everyone should have a supervisor like Sgt. Scholz.

“I appreciate everybody here and love you all,” Jones said.

Jones will continue to be active with the department as a special deputy, or a volunteer deputy who can be called to duty when there is a need for extra manpower, like in an emergency situation.

Deputy Richard Jones and his wife Dr. Clairie Bailey Jones display the recognition plaque and watch he received at his retirement event at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Photo by Dan Yount

When asked what he looks forward to most about retiring, Jones says without a doubt it is sleeping in. “I never liked getting up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for the shift,” he added.

Special Deputy Richard Jones will now have more time for his favorite pastimes, such as flying his drones, attending Sunday services, and roller skating. In addition, he was an outstanding tennis player while at Woodward High School.