• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Pickup truck crashes into Alabama Fish Bar

By: Valerie Lyons

CINCINNATI — One popular seafood restaurant won’t be serving customers for a while after a driver crashed their truck through the front door Tuesday afternoon.

A gaping hole replaces the entrance of Alabama Fish Bar in Over-the-Rhine after police said someone plowed through the restaurant’s front door just before noon. No one was injured, though the crash was startling to those who watched it happen.

“I’ve never seen anything of such nature, so I was shocked. I was stunned. I didn’t really know what to think,” said Erica Shields, a regular at the restaurant.

Friends with some of the employees, Shields said she did not wait for the dust to settle before rushing in to make sure everyone was OK. She said it was a blessing no one was hurt considering the loyal customers who usually arrive around that time.

“Normally there’s a line lined up down the street to eat, but today, there happened not to be a long line, so thank God nobody got hurt,” Shields said.

A building inspector checked the integrity of the building, and crews immediately started repairs once the truck was towed away.

In the meantime, Alabama Fish Bar will remain closed. The news comes after the restaurant recently reopened after undergoing extensive renovations.

When it does reopen, regulars said they’ll line back up for their favorite food.

“I’m coming back, I’m coming back,” Renee Phillips said.

Police said the driver of the truck was taken into custody for driving under the influence. Their name has not been released.

Reposted with permission from WCPO 9 Cincinnati.