• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

By Conrad Clowers

Herald Sports Writer

The misery of what was a baseball season finally came to an end last week. For the first time in 40 years the Reds lost 100 games. The team finished 62-100 barely edging out the 1982 Reds of 61-101 losses as the worst Reds team ever. After the last out was made of the final game of the season for Cincinnati, the relief felt like a referee waving his hands to end a one sided boxing match.

I have been covering the Cincinnati Reds since 1993. Never has there been so little interest in a town’s team once so beloved. Never has a plan for the future continued to backfire month after month with such poor results. Nobody can say 2022 wasn’t a record breaking year for the Redlegs. The team set marks for the lowest attendance ever since GABP opened in 2003. The Reds drew an average of 17,510 fans per game. They drew a total of 1,387,947 fans. Of the 30 MLB teams, Cincinnati solidified the 24th ranked spot in attendance.

As teams such as Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston  and San Diego continue to fight for a coveted World Series title, the Reds and their fans have a ringside seat in front of their television, watching.

Does anybody know if/when winning baseball will ever be present in Cincinnati, Ohio again?..Beats me.   

Economics is a big part of the factor. Don’t be deceived into believing you have to have money to win. The Tampa Bay Rays and the Cleveland Guardians are two perfect examples of small market teams.  Both were part of the 12 team playoffs in 2022. The Guardians at press time are still alive. At the end of the day, teams scouting departments acquiring the right players and drafts at the right time are the formula for success. Cincinnati has simply failed to make the right moves and acquire the right players in the right positions.

Cincinnati does have a few talented players that can help the team moving forward. Position layers Jonathan India and  Nick Senzel, along with pitchers Hunter Green and Graham Ashcraft look to be the core players moving forward. Though all had okay seasons, this franchise is going to need substantially more to ever be in contention again. If losing 100 games and one of the lowest attendance in team history isn’t a wakeup call, there’s not much more that can bring Reds brass out of their trance. The team immediately terminated five coaches at the end of the season. Uh, ..well, ..good for them. But the termination of the coaches will likely have as much effect as clipping fingernails would on  the healing of broken hand. Unless major changes are implemented, expect more of the same in 2023.