• Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

By: Taylor Houston 

The Peach Cobbler Factory, a family-style dessert shop, sells “old school desserts with a new school flare.” Cincinnati has never seen a sweet shop like this before. Driving around we see Cupcake shops, Donut shops but we never see Cobblers, Banana Pudding, etc. This factory offers a “feeling of nostalgia for its old school yet it’s still delicious.” 

This dessert shop is like no other, as they sell twelve different flavor cobblers, twelve different banana puddings, and cinnamon rolls done six different ways. The variety of flavors across all their desserts makes certain that no sweet tooth is left unsatisfied. 

Deneen Glenn opened a new location in Cincinnati (West Chester) on October 1st, 2022. After being stuck amid the Covid Pandemic and feeling down, Glenn’s friend introduced her to the Company after sharing her dream of one day opening up a sweets shop of her own. “I believe that sweets make people happy,” said Glenn. 

After meeting the franchise partner and tasting the desserts for the first time, Glenn knew she had to open up a Peach Cobbler Factory. She described that the desserts “felt like home.”

The Peach Cobbler Factory started in 2013 when a young couple by the name of Tamira Edgerton and Juan Edgerton opened up their first location in Nashville, Tennessee. One store later and a franchise was born. 

Glenn explained that the biggest reward so far has been seeing the shop transform from a dream into a reality. The simple idea of looking at the sign and knowing “I ordered that, I chose this.” On the other side of that, she said “being able to provide jobs and opportunities as well as being a turning point in my community has been awesome.”

Customers at the Peach Cobbler Factory
Within 30 minutes of opening, the Peach Cobbler Factory in West Chester quickly fills up with customers from across the Tylersville and Voice of America area for a lunch time treat. Photos by Brittany Fletcher | The Cincinnati Herald
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With so many different kinds of dessert options, you might not know where to start. Glenn recommends you step out of your comfort zone and try the cobbler stuffed cinnamon roll. She explains that she believes once people try it, it will have the potential to be the best seller.

New desserts are constantly being added to the menu, but some are only around for seasons at a time. For October to the end of November, The Peach Cobbler Factory is offering “the pumpkin spice cold rush coffee.” as well as a “pumpkin patch cobber.”

In the future, Glenn hopes to add a flavor of her own. Incorporating the Cincinnati flare while also having a delicious flavor. She hopes that the flavor will “connect the store to the community.” 

The Peach Cobbler factory is not just centered around the taste of their products but also the ambiance of the factory as well. “When people walk into The Peach Cobbler Factory it won’t only be about the delicious desserts, they will get an experience,” says Glenn. The hope is that the customers will forget about the hecticness their personal lives bring them when stepping into the factory’s front door. 

“The desserts are delicious, and you will be treated very kindly like you’re one of the family,” Glenn says. The family-style feeling centers around the idea of giving back to the community. With every Peach Cobbler Factory that opens, all franchises must give back to the community.

Glenn has quickly fallen in love with The Peach Cobbler Factories’ community-based approach. The delicious desserts and store ambiance were just a bonus. In the future, she plans to open more Factories under her name. She hopes to bring the Peach Cobbler Factory experience to cities all over. 

To experience a piece of Cobbler, Banana Pudding, Cinnamon rolls, coffee, etc. head over to 7736 Dudley Drive, West Chester, Oh 45069. You do not want to miss out!