• Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Future Ambassadors return making Thanksgiving happier for 300 families

Future Ambassadors Inc. has provided Thanksgiving Day meals to the families of our young men and women, many of whom are living in high crime neighborhoods, single parent homes, and severe poverty and need assistance in having a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Dorron Hunter is the founder and leader of Future Ambassadors Inc. He is a former All-Conference football player from Morehead State University and Urban Outreach professional for over 15-years.

Dorron Hunter is shown with several of his Future Ambassadors.

Several former football players, most of them MSU Eagle teammates and Sycamore High School teammates have rejoined to provide ongoing support to Future Ambassadors, allowing Hunter to lead development of future leaders.

Dorron Hunter, the founder of Future Ambassadors Inc., moves bags filled with some of the Thanksgiving dinner accompaniments to the loading dock.

“Our mission is to be able to feed over 300 families across greater Cincinnati and spread love on this year’s Turkey Day 2022. We know firsthand how these meals have impacted families all across Cincinnati over the years. It has been tough knowing that we were not able to deliver meals the last two years because of COVID-19, but we are back and ready to spread the love,” Hunter said.

These Future Ambassadors, with founder Dorron Hunter in the center, have loaded a truck filled with Thanksgiving dinners headed for needy families.