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Boujie Nails

Name of product: Luxury press on nails

Price range: $30-$100


Brilliant Finish Financial Group

Service/Product: Financials

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There are five key components of financial literacy: earn, spend, save and invest, borrow, and protect.

• Earn: Understanding your paycheck

• Spend: Creating a budget

• Save: Determining your financial goals

• Borrow: Credit cards, loans, and your credit score

• Protect: Preventing fraud and buying insurance – once you start to build wealth you have protect your hard work and make sure that every financial decision you make will benefit you and your family from years into the future.

– We assist our clients with Business and Personal credit, funding and much more.

Price range: $399-$2,500


House of Restoration Mental & Medical Oasis

Name of Service/Product: Medical grade anti aging skincare line. All natural products, dermatology tested, no animal testing.

Price Range:

Needle Free Glow Serum aka “Botox in a Bottle”

House of Restoration Mental and Medical Oasis – $98

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Nourishing Pumpkin Mask- Self Warming – $47

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Luxurious Moisturizer with Growth Factors – $125

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Website/How To Purchase:


Name of Service/Product: TSHIRTS AND HOODIES

Price Range: 19.99-49.99


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