• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Postal carriers facing difficult working conditions; how you can help

Dear Editor:

I want to start off by saying that I do hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas! 

It has been in my spirit to write this for some time. I had some reservations being that I am a former employee, and I did not want to be seen as a disgruntled employee, but without adding that bit of information I might have been questioned on my knowledge of the subject at hand which is why members of the community do not receive mail and packages on time. I feel like people need to know what is going on. 

This is not meant to make anyone feel sorry for mail carriers, this is just so that people understand what is going on. 

First, I want to say that the USPS is a FANTASTIC and wonderful place to work. A lot of the time they do not have enough mail carriers to deliver routes. There is one carrier per route. There are several routes open in each station, which means that carriers not only have to carry their route, but they must assist in carrying another route as well and sometimes there are not enough carriers to carry a route in a half or two route, which causes delays in mail being delivered. 

Now when the carrier is out there delivering mail there are several factors in getting mail delivered on time. Time is so critical and everything that happens takes away from that time. Usually, carriers work six days a week and at the minimum of 10 hours a day and most 12 and 13 hours a day. Weather of course plays a factor carriers deliver in all weather conditions this is a given. 

The next is pets sometimes carriers must skip houses and whole streets due to being chased or charged by an aggressive animal whether it be a stray or pet. I personally have been bit three times, and the owners didn’t seem to be bothered that their pet bit me. They didn’t even step off the porch to help.  Everyone wants to go home the same way that they came in, which is unharmed. 

The next thing is that sometimes the mailbox is not visible or the house number, so it takes time to find the mailbox or the home number to ensure that the mail is being delivered to the correct address. 

Now the last are hills and steps, yes this comes with the job, but this takes time, versus just delivering on a flat street where the mailboxes are in a row. Even though this was not my situation, I do believe that the soreness that carriers have doing 10 to 12 hours up hills and steps all day is a reason why people resign, which results in open routes. 

So, all this to say to the community is that your carriers work hard, and this is not to make anyone feel any type of negative way, as it is just so that everyone can know what is going on, because a lot of people don’t know, and they will call to a station looking for mail and packages. and there is probably not anyone to carry that route. 

I do feel that it would make things a little better and carriers would be retained if people could move their mailboxes to the bottom of their hill or to the bottom of their steps it;. That would create a straight away for the carrier. They do have boxes that have locks, if it is an area of concern. 

I do hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their Holiday, and I hope that I was able to bring clarity. 

Editor’s Note. The Cincinnati Herald usually does not print anonymous letters, but this was such a positive letter about postal carriers and concerns about their routes that that we felt it should be printed.