• Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Let our readers know who you are?

Hi readers, I’m Natasha Williams, born and raised from Forest Park Ohio. So of course, I went to Winton Woods High School! I went on to study Communications and went (fell) into recruiting where I have been for the last 20yrs. I have always had a love for hospitality, my mom is an amazing hostess and her and my father always had everyone over for the holidays and such. So, I get naturally I love to make my guests feel at home and feel good. I have a soon to be 20-year-old, and of course I enjoy and love wine.  Current favorite, a nice big high Zinfandel so I’m thinking Brown Estate Zinfandel or Century Oak Housley Estate Old Vine Zinfandel 

Please tell us about Black Wine Fest. What made you want to start it?

I noticed there was such a lack of representation at Wine Festivals in the area when I would attend. We talk about representation and diversity, but you never saw any Black owned producers/winemakers. How can we move their brands and help them grow if we don’t know they exist. I realize we are not a major metro like some of your larger cities which is even more of a reason that we need to have Black Wine Fest, so that the consumer knows what brands to tell your local restaurant owners to buy or local stores. The only way these brands grow is if we request them and buy them. 

What can attendees expect to see?

20 Brands and over 100 varietals/samples, great music, amazing backdrop, charcuterie and the opportunity to hear the stories.

How does Wine make you feel “beautiful”?

When you taste an amazing bottle of wine, I envision myself on my wedding day, beautiful at my peak. Wine takes you a journey because it starts as a seed as I once was and if nursed and reared right it’s this beautiful amazing gift that’s given to us as a bride on her wedding day is given to her groom/partner. 

Where can we find more information and where to get tickets?

IG:@ Blkwinefest

Facebook: Black Wine Fest