• Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Name: Yolanda Snatcher

Title: Owner

Business Name: My Body Snatcher  

Social Media Handles: FB: Mybodysnatcher

IG: Mybodysnatcher

Website: www.MyBodySnatcher.com

What made you start your business? I was able to find a way to help women transform their bodies and raise their confidence while gaining personal financial freedom.

How does it empower you as a Black Woman in the Beauty Field? I feel empowered when I’m able to help a woman feel her absolute best about her body!

What are 3 of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without? A good shaper, Anastasia eyebrow pomade, and Skin by Brownlee & Co

Anything else our beauty readers should know about you? MBS is a family-operated company that has had the pleasure of helping ladies feel their very best since 2014! I absolutely love what I do.