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Why should I have a sane mind in an insane society?

Mar 9, 2023 ,

By Victor White


While the question remains, who’s in charge of the World-Systems planet people are wondering how do they maintain sanity in such a chaotic environment in which they live?

The good news is that there is another “Government” in town it’s called not a religion, party group, nor being associated with the “Blond-Hair,” “Blue-Eyes,” “Thin-Lips,” “Pointed-Nose” and “Fair-Skin” Greek mythology theory (among other things). The solution is it’s the Kingdom of God’s government that has long time ago presented itself in which everyone has been seeking how to enter and become a “citizen.”

The crucial key is simply migrating from the Kingdom of Darkness/World Systems of doing things. The world-system’s “governor,” although knowingly wrong, has been “Believing and Being – Politically Correct.” We see where that has taken the Planet.

The Beginning of a New Adventure:

This adventure consists of maintaining a sane mind to be capable of pointing others to see that it’s been the old document of the U.S. Constitution that has become largely misconstrued over time which has caused a what I call a “Recidivism/Aftermath” of shrewd and clandestine “White Supremacy,” having its founding in pure psychosis. 

Without argument, no one can have a better way than God. To this day global society suffers from having missed the what I call the Cultural/Personality of Jesus The “Governor” of the universe. Just as a bird needs the sky to thrive and fly, and fish need water to swim/live, and the tree needs soil to grow, so does humanity need its manufacturer to thrive.

Finally, we shouldn’t believe in God the “Religion,” “Professor” and/or the “Politician’s” way. These things have watered everyone down to the point of being incapable of realizing and assuming their responsibility to eradicate a dysfunctional society. No doubt, every “Party-Group,” “Corporate-America” and citizen alike have sincerely been seeking how to escape the world-system of era into the Kingdom of God however through their erroneous imposition(s).

This brings me to my final point. Upon pondering, why I should have a sane mind in an insane society because it’s quite torturous to say the least.   

Solutional insight was downloaded as follows: Everyone on the planet is guilty of being – discriminating, judgmental, racist and prejudiced against those who aren’t their kind  surprisingly, so is the Bible. Now the question is whose “imposition” is best? Wow!

Herein lies both the problem and solution. No person’s imposition could be for the betterment of society the proof is in the pudding “If-You-Will.” It is God’s imposition that’s best and administered to and through the astute and mature individual(s). When the purpose of a thing is misunderstood, abuse is inevitable, but when it’s discovered wasted time and abuse are immediately eradicated, and life becomes meaningful again, long sought after.

White’s commentary article titled “Functional or Dysfunctional Society” was featured in The Cincinnati Herald on March 16, 2013. Bradley Victor White is author of Authentic Freedom and Rights Doesn’t Begot Irrationality.

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