Photo by: Sean DeLancey

By: Sean DeLancey , Joel Patterson

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati Police responded to calls for multiple people shot in downtown Cincinnati Saturday evening shortly before 6 p.m.

Police say that three victims, a man and two women, were located in and around Piatt Park and taken to area hospitals.

Harold Greene said he was inside a nearby library and heard the shots, and, minutes later, decided to check and see if he could help any potential victims.

“We see a woman getting patched up by the police, by the officers, and what now. We come back, and I see one of my friends I know, he was hobbling around,” Greene said. “He got shot in the foot.”

Police cordoned off Piatt Park for hours, and several officers with rifles checked alleys in the area.

“We were given some statements that there may have been a person over in that area,” Lt. David Schofield said, “and the officers were just checking to see if anyone needed help. Also, with the recent shooting, we just needed to take precautions to make sure officers were safe.”

Schofield said the shooting does not appear to be random.

He said a group of people were enjoying an evening in the park when a man approached them. An altercation began and subsequently shots were fired.

Schofield said it wasn’t clear how many people fired shots, or if the shooting was related to one neighbors reported in the area less than 24 hours earlier.

“We will be investigating both of them fully,” he said, “and if we found any indication that they’re connected I’ll let you know.”

Police said they are reviewing area footage, interviewing witnesses and canvassing the area for the assailant, who is still at large.

Reposted with permission from WCPO 9 Cincinnati.

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