• Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

5 tips to keeping your makeup organized

By Leah Scurlock,

Beauty Contributor

1. Utilize Drawer Space

Whether you already have built-ins or about to inherit Grandma’s armoire, drawers are the easiest way to organize small items. To get started, try a set of three stackable pieces on top of each other for your dresser. Larger sets of four or more can fit neatly underneath your vanity. Drawers also allow for easy accessibility and cleanup when you’re done.

Leah’s Product Suggestion: Sterlite 3-drawer organizer (Walmart.com)

2. Display Your Best Items

We purchase so many beautifully packaged products -allow them to be part of your decor! Acrylic organizers provide a perfect way to show off your makeup and jewelry while staying coordinated.

Leah’s Product Suggestion: Acrylic makeup organizers by BeautyCodeCincy


3. Create Back Stock of New Products

No matter how much makeup we have, we always seem to buy more! To keep from getting overwhelmed, create a back stock of new or unopened products. Extra makeup wipes, new skincare, or a not-yet-worn lipstick can go in a bin until you’re ready to use it. This will help you avoid wasting products by having too many items open at one time.

Leah’s product suggestion: Sterlite clear storage box with lid (target.com)

4. Separate by Category

This rule applies no matter what you’re organizing. Keep like items together and separate products by category. An easy way to classify makeup is: Eyes, Lips, Face.

Leah’s product suggestion: Simplehouseware foldable cube storage bin (Amazon.com)

5. Keep your Everyday Products Accessible:

Once you’ve purchased drawers, display organizers and bins, make sure your everyday items are as reachable as possible. Figure out what works best based on your habits and available space. You should be able to grab, apply and replace your makeup products easily.