• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ask Ashlee: Is my boyfriend bisexual?

Dear Ask Ashlee,

I think that my boyfriend is bisexual. I’ve noticed how differently he reacts to one guy in particular, and I don’t know how to approach him about it. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed his feminine side, and it has made me question things before, but whenever his friend, that’s actually a new coworker of his, comes around he treats me like I’m a roommate and not his woman. He doesn’t show any affection towards me whenever he’s hanging out with him, and he just makes grand gestures to accommodate this man that just seem a little unusual to me. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, if I am wrong, but I don’t want to keep my mouth shut and be oblivious to something I can just sense in my body. You know?

Ms. Sure But Not

Dear Ms. Sure But Not,

So, here’s the thing, my guess is, you probably know exactly what you’re talking about and just need to ask the question delicately. It’s important to understand you’re questioning him about his sexuality and asking him if he is cheating on you. While both of these questions should be addressed, I suggest you focus more on how this entire situation is making you feel and express that to him, rather than being accusatory and making the man defensive. If you two can have a calm, honest conversation about it all then great, address it and move accordingly. However, take the time to be honest with yourself and weigh all your options. If your man is bisexual, is that something you can live with? Will you be able to get past the idea of him being with another man? If you know you won’t let this go, be honest about that and do what you feel is best for you. Don’t waste your time or his. I hope this helps!

Love & Light,