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Don’t feel like heading to the theater this weekend. We got you covered! Here are some of the latest tv shows that are streaming this week.


CRATER (Streaming Friday, May 12 on Disney+)

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About: After his father’s death, a boy raised on a lunar mining colony goes on a journey exploring a mysterious crater with his three best friends, and a new arrival from Earth, before he is permanently relocated to another planet.

THE MOTHER (Streaming Friday, May 12 on Netflix)

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About: While fleeing from dangerous assailants, a former assassin comes out of hiding to protect the estranged daughter she left behind.

STILL: A MICHAEL J. FOX MOVIE (Streaming Friday, May 12 on Apple TV+)

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About: Follows the life of beloved actor and advocate Michael J. Fox, exploring his personal and professional triumphs and travails, and what happens when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease.


THE MUPPETS MAYHEM (Streaming now on Disney+)

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About: Follow The Muppets’ band as they try to record their first ever album.

QUEEN CLEOPATRA (Streaming now on Netflix)

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About: Netflix docudrama about Queen Cleopatra of Egypt of the Ptolemaic lineage from Macedonia, Greece, that ruled for 21 years, between the years 51 BC and 30 BC, ending with her suicide.

QUEER EYE (Season 7 streaming Friday, May 12 on Netflix)

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About: The Fab Five are back and these saints are marching in… to New Orleans! Watch as they transform the lives of seven deserving heroes who are ready to show up for themselves and for each other. Grab the tissues because a little support goes a long beignet!

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