• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Adults with disabilities explore paths to employment at Cincinnati Museum Center

By Cody Hefner

While the nation continues to suffer from a labor shortage, Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) and Easterseals Redwood (ESRW) are taking a more innovative approach to filling the talent gap while promoting inclusion and equity for all.

The iconic local venue and the nonprofit have partnered to provide a path to employment for people with disabilities. This partnership will identify and recruit employees for CMC, while also building a more inclusive culture within the venue and the community. Participants will discover new interests, learn technical skills, strengthen communication skills, explore assistive technology and discover employment opportunities – all while providing services and filling necessary job roles at CMC.

Pam Green, Easterseals Redwood president and CEO, said, “While the labor shortage continues to be a national issue, we at Easterseals Redwood have been seeking innovative ways to connect people with disabilities to meaningful employment while benefitting our community partners at the same time.

“The opportunity to partner with a local landmark and icon in the Cincinnati region was an easy decision. This partnership will prioritize diversity and foster inclusion in our workplaces as we work toward 100% equity, access and inclusion.”

Program participants will have the opportunity to volunteer in different positions throughout CMC, and if there is a match, can eventually apply for employment.

Pam Green of Easterseals Redwood and Elizabeth Pierce Cincinnati Museum Center speak at the partnership announcement. Photo provided

Elizabeth Pierce, Cincinnati Museum Center president and CEO., said, “We’re so excited to partner with Easterseals Redwood to add to the talent and skillsets of our team. It not only presents employment and engagement opportunities for people with disabilities, but it creates a more inclusive museum for our team and our guests.

“This partnership is so critical in helping us ensure our museum is for everyone. Representation, visibility and opportunity for all people ensures that when someone walks into Cincinnati Museum Center, they see themselves. They know they belong here.”

Jobs could include helping to set up or break down exhibits, ticket taking, exhibit sanitation and cleaning and more. Approximately 12 adults with disabilities will be involved, and the partnership also includes a physical space at CMC where they can take breaks throughout the day and socialize with one another.

Housed in Union Terminal – a National Historic Landmark – CMC welcomes more than 1.8 million visits annually, making it one of the most visited museums in the country.

ESRW serves people with disabilities, people facing economic disadvantages and veterans throughout southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, from birth through adulthood, providing child care, therapy services, education and workforce development programs.

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