• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Name: Ashley Martin 

Title: Owner & Designer 

Business name: Baldwin Era 

Social Media: IG @baldwinera_   FB @baldwinera

Website: www.baldwinera.com

What made you start your business? 

My family is full of entrepreneurs, and it was only right I began my entrepreneurial journey as well. My love for fashion and handbags made the decision easy for me to decide exactly what it was I wanted to pursue. 

Baldwin Era is a luxury bag brand for the fashion-conscious individual who appreciates quality craftsmanship and timeless design. Each bag is meticulously crafted from the finest materials, such as supple leather and durable hardware, to ensure exceptional durability and long-lasting beauty. The brand’s signature style embodies modern elegance with a touch of classic sophistication, making it a perfect accessory for any occasion. Baldwin Era bags are not only stylish but incredibly functional, featuring multiple pockets and compartments to keep all your essentials organized. With their attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and contemporary design aesthetic, Baldwin Era bags are an essential addition to any wardrobe, and a true testament to luxury fashion at its finest.

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At Baldwin Era, we believe that a great handbag is more than just an accessory — it’s a reflection of your personality and your style. That’s why we have created a collection of luxury bags that are perfect for women who value quality, craftsmanship, and design. We are extremely excited to have begun working on our summer collection that will be released in July.

How does it empower you as a black woman in beauty?

It empowers me on so many levels, being able to not only provide people with quality pieces but to also provide experiences and pave the way for other men and women just like me in the fashion industry. I think it is important for women like me to bring beauty and fashion to the forefront for black men and women. We were and still are stuck in a time where our beauty was undervalued, underestimated, and unappreciated. I am here to not only provide a product that shows our true value unapologetically, but to also break those glass ceilings in the fashion industry for black designers and brands.

3 favorites I can’t live without:

  1. Handbag
  2. Mascara
  3. A good face moisturizer 
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Anything else our readers should know?

Stay tuned for more from Baldwin Era, we will be everywhere.