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Bridget Doherty

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Hamilton County Commissioners

Hamilton County Commissioners, community leaders and Duke Energy representatives commemorated the 100th community stop of the award-winning 513Relief Bus at the St. Monica Community Center in Lincoln Heights. The 513Relief Bus has delivered health screenings, social services and economic relief directly to over 15,000 residents since inception two years ago. At the 100th bus stop, County Commissioners unveiled a new free service and accepted a generous grant from Duke Energy.

In partnership with Hamilton County Public Health, residents can now receive an official copy of their Ohio birth certificate on-demand and free of charge at the 513Relief Bus.  Commissioners also accepted a $10,000 grant check from Duke Energy to supplement the offerings of the 513Relief Bus.

“We are so proud to directly help over 15,000 Hamilton County residents with what is becoming a national model and has been referred to as ‘groundbreaking’ by House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries during a recent visit,” said Commission President Alicia Reece who founded the 513Relief Bus.  “We are doing business differently, this is Hamilton County on wheels- taking economic relief and health services directly to the people.”

“The 513Relief Bus is a critical resource to allow direct access to not only the County’s services but also the resources provided through our many partners,” said Commissioner Denise Driehaus. “Our county team has gone above and beyond to help thousands of families stay in their homes, keep on the lights, and feed their children.”

“The care and comfort that our team gives residents during face-to-face sessions in their own neighborhood puts a whole new face on government service delivery,” said Commissioner Stephanie Summerow Dumas “The 513Relief Bus team has truly exceeded expectations by making comfortable connections to resources with direct outcomes such as birth certificates, help with applications, access to food and medical services.”

Working together, Hamilton County departments and other partner agencies are proactively reaching as many residents as possible with a wide variety of services. The 513Relief Bus removes barriers that might keep residents from seeking help, including accessibility, transportation, and technology.

The 513Relief Bus received a National Association of Counties Award for delivering services directly to underserved populations and was created with the support of local Civil Rights and grassroots leaders, who suggested a one-stop bus to fight Covid-19 and other health and economic disparities.

County Departments that participate include:

  • Hamilton County Job and Family Services
  • Hamilton County Department of Developmental Disabilities
  • Hamilton County Office of Addiction Response
  • Hamilton County Office of Reentry
  • Hamilton County Office of Youth
  • Hamilton County Public Defender Office
  • Hamilton County Public Health
  • Hamilton County Recorder’s Office

Other organizations participating include:

  • Addiction Services Council
  • Cincinnati Health Department
  • Council on Aging
  • Dress for Success
  • Ohio Means Jobs
  • Talbert House
  • Trinity Debt Management
  • UC Health
  • Urban League
  • Your Priority Healthcare

Services provided on board the 513Relief Bus:

Social Services:
Medical Services:
Economic Sustainability Service
Mental Health / Counseling 
Blood Pressure
Cash Assistance  
Employment Readiness / Life Coaching  
Glucose Monitoring
Food Assistance
Substance Use / Education /    Addiction Services
Cholesterol Testing
Medical Assistance
Cognitive and Developmental Services
General Primary Care
Child Care
Financial Literacy
Prescription/Medication Support and Education
Child Support
Job Coaching, Career/Resume
Dental Screenings (coming soon)
Ohio Birth Certificates
Senior Services

Youth Engagement & Employment

Other periodic services include clothing, food, haircuts and more. For more information about specific services at each bus stop and the bus schedule, see

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