5:45 – Doors Open; 6; Cocktail Hour; 6:45 – Seating; 7 – Program to Commence 

Step into a world of elegance, purpose, and empowerment at the highly anticipated 2023 Masquerade Gala fundraising event, hosted by the African American Chamber of Commerce (AACC). As a non-profit organization dedicated to igniting opportunities and fostering growth within the African American business community, the AACC’s mission is at the heart of this remarkable evening.

Amidst the splendor of the 2023 Masquerade Gala, a moment of profound significance awaits as AACC shines a spotlight on exceptional individuals who have left an indelible mark on the African American business realm. AACC takes pride in presenting the prestigious 2023 Black Business Hall of Fame induction ceremony, as it unveils the names of the 2023 Black Business Hall of Fame inductees, celebrating their achievements and contributions that have enriched us all.

Lastly, prepare to be transported through time as we add an extra layer of cultural richness to the 2023 Masquerade Gala. In celebration of our community’s vibrant heritage and the pioneering spirit of African American creativity, AACC also will special tribute to dance and 50 Years of Hip Hop.

Join the AACC as it dances through history, celebrating its roots, its  rhythm, and the vibrant tapestry of our culture. Get ready to move, groove, and be captivated by the beats of the past and the present.

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