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Wine Etiquette Tips

Wanda Haynes, Certified Sommelier, shares some wine etiquette tips in her latest post.

Wine 101: Be Thankful

A classic turkey dinner with all the trimmings is a Thanksgiving Day feast. Serve white wines such as: grunner veltliner,…

Herban Vegans graduates from Findlay Launch Storefront Accelerator

Herban Vegans is the second business to graduate from the Findlay Launch Storefront Accelerator program this November.

Cinnamon roll turkeys are the cutest way to start Thanksgiving Day

With Thanksgiving only a couple of days away, we’re sure you’re in the middle of trying to plan the perfect…

Wine 101: Do you need a wine refrigerator?

Wine will not taste its best if stored long-term in a home refrigerator. The environment is simply too cold and…

Wine 101: Did you say orange wine?

Orange wine is produced by allowing the skins of white grapes to merge with the white grape juice.

Wine 101: Mead

Mead might be the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages and could be over 15,000 years old.

Treat Yourself: Halloween Edition

Halloween does not have to just be for the kids, here are some Halloween themed lifestyle items to treat yourself…

Wine 101: Prosecco

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy and made from the glera grape.

Herald BeautyCON: Last Tickets Remain

Herald Beauty presents its first BeautyCON, join us for a day of beauty/fashion and more. BeautyCON takes place on Saturday,…