• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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Dr. Anisa Shomo, Herald Beauty Contributor

Every woman has a different approach to beauty. That is why we all love it. For some women it is all about the hair. For some it is all about the lips. For some it is all about the eyes. The expression of ourselves through our beauty preferences is one of best aspects of womanhood. The ability for women to appreciate another woman’s beauty preferences is like the adoration that artists have for one another. We love to complement each other and share beauty tips. My luxe beauty tip is for the lash lovers. OpulenceMD Beauty has an array of magnetic lashes developed by Dr. Anika Goodwin. As an ophthalmologist, an eye surgeon, Dr. Goodwin wanted to make sure that eye health is not sacrificed in the pursuit of beauty. Swoon. The eye health concerns for lash lovers include eye infections; corneal abrasions; and other eye injuries. OpulenceMD Beauty magnetic lashes lower the risk of eye health issues while maintaining the aesthetic effect of a luxurious lash. And it is a Black-and woman-owned business. Swoon, Swoon! 

I purchased the Wealthy B. Essentials Kit, $70, from the “Well to Do” collection from opulencemdbeauty.com that includes one pair of magnetic lashes, gel magnetic eyeliner, and a lash applicator. Then I watched the video for how to apply them. 

Step 1: Apply gel magnetic eyeliner, $35 value.

Include the bottom of the eyelid so that the lashes are in the correct position.

Apply 3-4 coats. The gel eyeliner dries quickly so this can be a short process. 

You can also apply only to the areas where it will line up with the lash magnets. 

Step 2: Apply magnetic lashes, $37 value.

Grab the hairs of the lashes with your fingers or the lash applicator, $8 value.

Attach the magnets of the lashes to the magnetic eyeliner.

These lashes can be worn up to 45 times and should be removed prior to sleeping or showering.

Once in place, this luxurious look will be sure to catch a few eyes and complements.