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The ultimate guide to finding certified vegan wines

Vegan wine is a style of wine that does not use animal-derived products or by-products during the winemaking process, and can be identified by a ‘Certified Vegan’ label or by…

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LL Cool J gaffe highlights Biden’s complex relationship with the Black community

President Joe Biden’s misstep at the Phoenix Awards has resurfaced the on-again, off-again trust that Black Americans have shown him, despite his historic accomplishments and commitment to inclusivity, and highlights the need for the White House to better respond to the concerns and aspirations of the African American community.


Summer Renaissance

Beyoncé released her latest album Renaissance last summer, which was a celebration of different communities, music styles, and freedom, and fans celebrated the release by attending her concerts and wearing…

Red Cross facing a national blood shortage

The American Red Cross is experiencing a national blood shortage due to fewer donors than needed giving this summer and Hurricane Idalia, and is urgently needing platelet and type O…

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