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  • Ask Ashlee: Stuck between love and friendship; what do I do?

Ask Ashlee: Stuck between love and friendship; what do I do?

Dear Ask Ashlee, I’m caught in between two good men and I really don’t know what to do.

Bengal road ahead most challenging

Two weekends ago the Bengals came off of their bye weekend with a victory over the Pittsburg Steelers. It was…

Erick Russell shatters lavender ceiling; first Black LGBTQ person elected statewide in U.S. history

In the recent Midterm Elections, LGBTQ Victory Fund candidate Erick Russell won the election for Connecticut State Treasurer.

Matt’s Take – No Chase or Mixon…No Problem, Positives & Negatives, and Graham Ashcraft joins Matt’s Take

The Bengals on Sunday pulled out their most impressive victory so far this season by a score of 20-16 against…

Ask Ashlee: Kids meeting my ex’s new woman for the holidays?!

My ex-husband and I finalized our divorce in April. This is the first Thanksgiving/Christmas that we won’t all be together.

Matt’s Take – R.I.P. to the Steelers Season, Positives & Negatives, Reds News, and Corky Miller Joins Matt’s Take

In a very close game following the bye week, the Bengals managed to pull out a huge victory against the…

Ask Ashlee: Parental perspectives on name changes

Dear Ask Ashlee, I am a single mother of a 16-year-old son whose father is the typical run of the…

Matt’s Take – Jimmy Chase Sr. and Dan Hoard Join Matt’s Take, Bye Week Summary

The bye week was much needed this week for the Bengals roster, as this team needs some time off, time…

COVID-19 takes backseat to RSV during triple threat

With all the current focus on other respiratory viruses one might again get the impression that COVID-19 is through with…

Chocolate News Podcast (Midterm Election Results 2022)

This is the latest episode of the Chocolate News Podcast. We bring you news that discusses issues affecting the Black…