• Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

3 Self-care Tips to Surviving Beauty in the Pandemic

Rose and Bee. Photo provided

By Tiffanie N. B., MPS. Digital Strategist, Lead Beauty Writer, Serial Bargain Beauty Shopper

As the number of vaccinations throughout the U.S. are beginning to rise, thankfully, more and more people are ready to be safely outside and near their loved ones once again. But after spending over a year in the house, it’s normal to have some self-doubt about our looks and overall, how we feel. That ugly freshman 15 came back full force and was more like a freshman 25, if we’re being quite honest. So, how do we get back to fully loving ourselves the way we did pre-pandemic? Here’s 3 self-care tips to surviving beauty in the pandemic:

  1. Lemon Water is for the heart, mind, body, & soul – Did you know there are some cultures, who, first thing in the morning drink a cup of warm water? Generally, drinking water that is too hot can damage the tissue in your esophagus, scold your tongue and/or burn your taste buds but drinking warm water that’s not too hot can actually keep your body healthy and hydrated. Drinking warm water can also potentially aid in digestion. The working theory is that as the water moves through your body, your body essentially becomes a lot better at eliminating its waste. Adding a slice of lemon has exceptional benefits as well. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C which can aid in reducing the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. Vitamin C as we know it is an antioxidant and great for consistent, naturally glowing skin. 
  1. Don’t stop what you’ve already started – For some of us, we wake up every day and log into a zoom meeting, which now thankfully a lot of employers aren’t requiring everyone to turn on their cameras, which means you’re probably not doing that skin routine you started before the pandemic every day. Well, it’s probably time to start that routine over again. Even if you aren’t seeing people directly anymore or if you are but still not as many, we are still wearing masks every time we go out and although we have very cute renditions of masks now, those as well can carry gems that can easily cause a facial breakout. Besides that, we all want our skin to look and feel flawless even if it’s just for selfies in the mirror before bed.
  1. Exercise – sounds easy right? Well for most, this simple enough word has been a lot more of a struggle than we thought it would ever or could be. We know exercising, helps discard waste of the body through sweating but did you also know that exercising has amazing benefits for the skin as well? When we exercise, that increases the blood flow which essentially helps nourishes skin cells and helps keeps your skin cells essential and thriving. There is a common misconception that exercise detoxifies the skin, when actually it’s more of a cleansing of the skin from the inside out. 

When it comes to beauty, a lot of it starts from within. We say this in terms of beauty starting with loving ourselves and that leads to making conscious decisions that can naturally assist in obtaining glowing skin to conquer another day.