• Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Photo by Tyra Oldham

By Tyra Oldham PhD, MBA 

Tyra Oldham. Photo provided

Are you a caregiver? Will you be a caregiver in the future for a parent or loved one? The Care Corner is for you. The needs of care are challenging, and the Care Corner seeks to shed light on the work, systems, costs, agencies and provide a voice from people in the field to assist in the care process.

The act of caring for another is important. Caregivers serve as lifelines. The family caregiver serves their loved one(s) while the licensed caregiver supports a client. They both address the changes that age, health, and mind bring. The family caregiver witnesses their loved one transform day-by-day. The licensed caregiver often walks into homes where the need is more than the one caregiver can provide in the time allotted. If not for caregivers’ services would go undelivered to those in need. The goal for caregivers is to serve the cared for. The need for caregivers was vital yet, COVID brought increased attention to the role of care. Isolation among shut-ins shined a light on the need for more caregivers in our nation.

I am a caregiver and act as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).  Dr. Louito Edjy, MD stated, “Women especially Black women are the CMO’s for their families and make most of the medical decisions for the family”. I am also, Power of Attorney (POA), financial representative, health advocate, supportive physical therapist, chef, meds dispenser, health coordinator, safety leader, household manager, as well as social liaison.  To all these roles there is an emotional, physical and spiritual component. The work is hard. Yet, caregivers must never forget to care for themselves.

Caregivers take a breath and exhale. Rejuvenate yourself to sustain power. You cannot care for someone else if you are not healthy and strong.

So, we welcome and will share care dialogue in the Care Corner. This is a place to discuss care and address questions for current and potential caregivers. Provide agencies, services, and tips to assist in the care journey. (Read more of the article from the The Cincinnati Herald Newspaper – subscribe now).

The Care Corner is for all caregivers that are new to the role, considering the job or have lived past the role. Send your questions by way of the Care Corner to the Herald or via email at care@carecorner.info.

For more information on caregiving contact Care Corner care@carecorner.info