• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Morgan Angelique Owens,

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Name: Ashley Yancy

Title: Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. Specialty in Adult Gerontology/Certified in Medical Aesthetics 

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What made you start your business?

I always knew that I wanted to open my own medical practice. Starting out as a nurse’s aide in the healthcare world showed me that there are so many people fighting battles that we know nothing about. There are individuals who struggle with their weight and self-esteem. Countless people suffer from depression and anxiety. These are the same people who also feel alone. They feel like they have to cover up their true feelings and emotions. To me, that is no way to live. To be unhappy within yourself is no way to live. So, I prayed. I prayed and asked for guidance on what type of practice to open. Shortly after that, I created the first mental and medical spa in Ohio called House of Restoration Mental and Medical Oasis. Focusing on the brain and the body and promoting long term wellness.

I pride myself on knowing that each patient leaves my office with the knowledge about common chronic diseases that could be life altering when poor health is involved. I know that the world needs guidance, support, and encouragement. Whether one comes into my practice for weight loss, IV hydration, or bloodwork, they will leave with so much more than that. You as a whole matter. House of Restoration is more than just a medical spa. This is your Oasis, your safe place. 

How does it empower you as a Black Woman in the Your Field?

Being a black woman in an advanced role in healthcare is the most empowering accomplishment I have ever achieved. I have been told that I shouldn’t go any further in my career because of how black people are treated by their patients and coworkers in healthcare. I have had patients tell me that they don’t want me caring for them because of my skin color. I have had patients tell me they are shocked that a “place like this hired someone like me” countless times.

Through all of that, I still completed my journey with flying colors. I never once allowed any of the doubt, discouragement, or name calling per sway me to quit or give up. Knowing that I accomplished every single goal that I put into place is the best feeling ever. Being a black woman in my current role is proof that it can be done. 

Ashley Yancy. Photo provided

What are 3 of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?

Three beauty items that I cannot live without are lip balm, mascara, and body butter. Lip balm being NUMBER 1! 

Anything else our readers should know about you?

I have been in nursing for almost a decade. Most of my experience is in long term care and geriatrics. I have learned so much about chronic health conditions. I see how chronic health conditions affect people. If I can get others at an earlier stage in their life to educate them on proper health, then my job is done. Everyone deserves to be educated on their behaviors and the possible consequences that they harbor. Quality of life is everything!