• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

The weather is slowly changing, in Cincinnati it seems its still Winter time, but we are officially in Spring. Now is the best time to start transitioning your skincare. I’ve asked Lexi, Aesthetic manager & esthetician at HerMD for her best advice on transitioning your skincare.

5 Tips to Transitioning Skincare:

– A good skincare regimen is a little bit of a lifestyle change. Cleaning your skin twice a day is a great place to start. When you brush your teeth, you should cleanse your skin. 

– Lighten up your skincare routine. With the warmer months, let your skin breathe. The heavy moisturizers, deep hydrating masks may not be what your skin needs in the summertime. If you aren’t wearing a coat neither should your skin. 

-Using a moisturizer that can be used AM and PM is a simple but effective way to lighten your skincare routine and allow the skin to shine

-Protecting your skin is the #1 anti-aging treatment on the market. This means using a quality SPF and Vitamin C every day is non-negotiable. Vitamin C helps protect your skin against sun damage. This can help prevent hyperpigmentation in ALL skin types. SPF 30+ should be applied directly after your skincare products and before your makeup. Re-Applying with a powder sunscreen is an easy way to stay on top of it throughout the day.

-Why is sunscreen important, especially for darker skin types?

Darker skin types can hyperpigmented (dark spots) or hypopigmented (white spots) very easily due to the melanocytes being so prominent in the skin. Wearing sunscreen is one of the most important things you can do to prevent uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

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