• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Mexican Newspapers Uncovers “Discrepancies” in the Death of Shanquella Robinson

By Sesh Online Report

UPDATE: The MetropoliMx is reporting the head of the Baja California Sur State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) has issued an arrest warrant against the material murderer of Shanquella Robinson. The announcement of the warrant occurred Wednesday, Nov. 23 during a press conference with Mexican news organizations.

Daniel de la Rosa Anaya explained PGJE’s actions during the press conference. According to MetropoliMx, the prosecutor said the case is fully clarified and the Shanquella did not die from alcohol poisoning, which was alluded in the police report. The prosecutor noted that the assault against Shanquella was not a fight but a direct assault.

Although a name has not been dropped by the prosecutor, he did note to Mexican press that a friend of Snanquella is identified as the director aggressor in the attack. The extradition process has begun and interpol is involved and the FBI was notified of the PJBE’s actions after the press conference.

The prosecutor told the media they remain in contact with the Robinson family and the US Embassy.


Who is telling the truth in the death of Shanquella Robinson that occurred at a luxury villa in Cabo, Mexico. The FBI landed in Cabo last weekend to start their investigation into the 25-year-old’s death as her family buried her in Charlotte, N.C.

The MetropoliMx Investigations published a story on Monday noting the FBI’s investigation and the number of discrepancies surrounding Shanquella’s death. The Mexican news organization has access to the police report that has not been publicly released by Mexican authorities.

According to MetropoliMx’s story, there are issues with statements given by the first responders, the doctor from the a private medical clinic and the friends accompanied Shanquella to Cabo. The story alludes the discrepancies are allegedly to protect the image of the tourist villa in Puerto Los Cabos.

The Robinson family have questioned the circumstances surrounding their daughter’s death since receiving a phone call from her friends alleging Shanquella suffered from alcohol poisoning and later died. Shanquella’s death certificate countered these claims stating the young woman “died from a severe spinal cord injury and dislocation of the atlas,” that is a break in the first two neck vertebrae, according to MetropoliMx story published on Monday.

MetropolixMx identify Shanquella Robinson’s death as femicide. The article quotes the police report of the Oct. 29 incident was reported three hours after Robinson’s death, around 6 p.m. The autopsy report claims Shanquella died 15 minutes after receiving her injuries.

Just after burying his daughter on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022, Bernard Robinson told TMZ that he believed that his daughter’s death was part of a “plot” against her life. He told TMZ that his daughter did not cause the physical altercation and “they” (her friends” attacked her. Mr. Robinson said that his daughter was not a fighting type which was displayed in the video of showing her not fighting back.

According to WCNC.com, several hundred people attended the Shanquell’s funeral held at Macedonia Baptist Church. Family and friends remembered Shanquella as a kindhearted woman who was a “Daddy’s girl.”

To help defray funeral, legal and other costs regarding the investigation into her death, the Robinson family started a Go Fund Me “Justice for Quella” page which has raised over $358,000. Robinson’s Sister, Quilla, started the page explaining the family is facing severe financial pressure and a great deal of pain as try to find justice.

According to Quilla, Shanquella went on a trip to Cabo, Mexico, with people she believed were her friends. During this trip, she was found dead. “Her associates claimed she died of alcohol poisoning, but the death certificate from the Mexican government contradicts this statement as it reveals a broken neck and cracked spine and a time of death which is 15 minutes after she sustained these injuries.”

Quilla notes that the U.S. State Department has released a statement claiming there is no clear evidence of foul play.

In reaction to the circumstances surrounding Shanquella’s death the Atlanta Black Star reported that the Charlotte FBI Field Office has opened an investigation into Shanquella’s death.

The FBI’s investigation didn’t occur until after a video of the incident appeared on social media. In the video, you can see a naked Shanquella refusing to fight back from a woman attacking her. The person taping the incident kept saying “Shanquella fight back” and you her saying “no.”

According to MetropoliMx, the viral video shows Shanquella is allegedly attacked by Daejhanae Jackson, a transgender. The alleged attack is filmed by his friend, Khali Cooke. Both Jackson and Cooke with their companions left Mexico without being arrested by the Los Cabos Municipal police.

In its article, MetropoliMx identified Shanquella’s travel companions to Cabo as:

Daejhanae Jackson

Khalie Cooke

Wenter Essence Donovan

Alysse Hyatt

Malik Dyer

Nazeer Wiggins

Since the October 29 incident, these individuals have refused to speak with Shanquella’s family, and no one can contact them.

As the FBI investigation gets underway, MetropoliMx also notes that pressure will applied to the Government of Mexico and the Governance of Baja California Sur to determine who was responsible for responding to or investigating the Oct. 29 incident.

MetropoliMx reports that the discrepancies involving Shanquella’s death questions that actions of the first responders, the doctor from a private medical clinic and the agent of the Public Ministry of the PGJE.

Read MetropoliMx’s article FBI Investigation into the Femicide of Quella Robinson in Los Cabos at https://metropolimx.com/fbi-abre-investigacion-sobre-feminicidio-de-quella-robinson-en-los-cabos/