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  • ‘Your freedom and my freedom are bound together.’

‘Your freedom and my freedom are bound together.’

“Your freedom and my freedom are bound together” was the theme for events held in Cincinnati on Monday, January 17,…

International Moisture Mogul 🇫🇷

When traveling, whether international or stateside - I make sure I keep Palmers in my luggage.

Respect renewed; Bengals now a threat

It took a loooonnng time. I mean, like, a real long time. Thirty-one years long. All you heard about was…

Interception gives Bengals playoffs win

The Cincinnati Bengals won their first playoff game in 31 years, beating the Las Vegas Raiders 26 to 19 at…

Ask Ashlee: Finding middle ground with pregnant wife and baby momma drama

Dear Ask Ashlee, My child’s mother has been threatened by my wife since the moment we started dating.

Joella’s Hot Chicken Introduces New Lil’ Sammie Slider

Joella’s Hot Chicken has introduced a new menu item, the Lil’ Sammie Slider.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day March

The MLK Day march started at the Freedom Center at 10:30 a.m. People marched the streets all the way to…

Former Councilman Jeff Pastor will fight public corruption charges at jury trial

Former Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Pastor will go to trial to fight public corruption charges, ending months of speculation that…

Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: A Tireless Champion for Economic Justice

By Charlene Crowell (TriceEdneyWire.com) – On Monday, January 17, the nation will pause to honor the life of the late Rev. Dr.…

Many say education of King’s life, legacy remains critical for young people

More than a half-century after the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., many of America’s youth are still…