• Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Taft Senators

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Chocolate News Podcast (Oscars/Dr. Angelica Hardee)

This is the 64th episode of the Chocolate News Podcast. We bring you news that discusses issues affecting the Black…

Taft brings home the ‘Ship’

Sunday, in front of a packed house at University of Dayton Arena,  the Senators closed the door on the "Revenge…

Taft Senators win 2022 state championship

The Taft High School boys basketball team is the Division III state champions. Let the celebration begin.

Taft celebrates a Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference title

Taft High School football coach Tyler Williams held the Cincinnati Metro Athletic Conference championship plaque near the sideline Friday night.

Taft Senators storm into Final Four

Coach Bradley embraces superstar Rayvon Griffith. Photo by Anthony Tribble By Ozie Davis III MS,JD Sports Editor It has been…