Sheryl McClung McConney was a long-time educational partner with Winton Woods City Schools. Photo by Teresa Cleary.


Forest Park—Sheryl McClung McConney, founder of Envision Children and long-time educational partner with Winton Woods City Schools will be remembered for the impact she had on the lives of students throughout the district. Since 2008, Mrs. McConney has brought before- and after-school tutoring programs to classrooms at Winton Woods Elementary and Intermediate Schools, provided tutoring for second through seventh graders through her Power Saturday classes, and offered summer academic enrichment to district students.
Mrs. McConney passed away on June 1. “Her generous investment of her time and talents showed how much Mrs. McConney cared about the future of Winton Woods students and her desire to help them succeed in the classroom and in life,” said Superintendent Anthony G. Smith. “Year after year she created educational opportunities for our students and worked to ensure their future success.”

Mrs. McConney began tutoring her own children, giving them fun learning activities when they were out of school. She soon invited their friends to “join the adventure,” and as her children and the program grew so did her vision for academic enrichment. She founded Envision Children in 2009 and continued her role as an educator long after her own children graduated from college.

In 2014, Mrs. McConney said, “I continue to do what I do because the return on our investment is successful children, also known as future successful adults. Every moment can be a teachable moment. Anytime a student is out of the school arena, Envision is there to make academics fun and engaging. We have positive test results from this type of interaction, and it continues to be a joy to serve our youth.”

“Mrs. McConney was a fierce advocate for children and education,” said Steve Denny, executive director of business affairs for Winton Woods City Schools. “Her energy was boundless, her smile was infectious, and her priority was her kids. We are heartbroken at her loss, but we are truly emboldened by her legacy. She was a difference-maker, and she will be dearly missed.”

Winton Woods City Schools presented Mrs. McConney with its Community Spirit Award in 2015 for making a difference in the lives of Winton Woods students.

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