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CINCINNATI, OH — The 2017 Fall Floral Show at Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park will open on Saturday, September 9 and run through October 29. This show, “Grass Roots: Art of Nature” is being presented by Scherzinger Termite and Pest Control.

Every day at the Krohn Conservatory there is natural beauty everywhere, and at the 2017 Fall Show you will see how art first began with nature itself–– inspiring so many artists throughout history. The Fall Show will include beautiful works of art (framed copies) from artists of all levels, local to world-renowned. Their eclectic styles are united by the influence of nature!

Walk the Fibonacci labyrinth and admire the radiant array of chrysanthemums, as painted by Monet. Stroll by the cypress trees of Van Gogh, the roses of Dali, as well as the amazing botanical architecture made by the local company, Applied Imagination, that will fill the room. Cheerful marigolds, striking cannas, vibrant impatiens, and rich asters will be saturated in gorgeous fall colors as they paint the room with the harmony of art and nature!


Applied Imagination (the amazing artists that create all the botanical architecture and railroad structures for the Holiday Show) will install a new display for the Fall Show. This display called “Who Lives Here” will be in the Fern House and will highlight the botanical creations of various animal homes. Botanical structures are made entirely with all natural materials, like bark, twigs, and rocks.

Get a double dose of the Krohn trains!

During the Fall Show, Applied Imagination will also be setting up the trains early in the showroom. Then at the Holiday Show the trains AND the showroom will be transformed into the festive annual Holiday Show with all the traditional decor.

Visit for a list of events and activities to celebration this fantastic show!

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