By Bob Marcus

Herald Contributor

Tommy “Tommi” Lynn Pabst, a talented actress and singer/songwriter whose work is well known in the Tristate area, recently appeared as a VIP at the annual 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles.

“Being personally invited to the 168 Film Festival by award-winning actress Jen Gotzon (Nixon, 2009; Unbridled, 2017) was a dream come true,” said Pabst. She explained that the Festival celebrates the rapidly expanding genre of faith-based movies and honors people who create them.

Tommi Pabst of The Reliant with T. C. Stallings of War Room. Photo provided

Pabst said, “At the Festival, I was warmly welcomed by leading Christian film stars and executives including T.C. Stallings (War Room, 2016; Unbridled, 2017; A Question of Faith, 2017), Tea McKay (Unbridled, 2017), Renee Lawless (Have and Have Not) and Michael Campion (Full House/Netflix). They were all very supportive of my goal to share God’s word through my acting and as a singer/song writer.”

Pabast was classically trained by actress Jen Gotzon and is currently being mentored by Brian Miller, composer of original scoring for American Idol and Big Bang Theory.

She will appear in the upcoming faith-based movie The Reliant, where she worked with recording star Nicole C. Mullen and acclaimed actor Kevin Sorbo.

Tea McKay and Tommi Pabst. Photo provided

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