RCO Limited is opening in Colerain, Ohio and we are beyond excited to serve the good people of this community. This new location joins a family of 24 Ohio restaurants, a family that continues to grow as the (one) love of quality chicken fingers develops across the state.

We will begin the celebration with an invitation-only friends & family event on Monday, November 13th from 11:30-2PM and 5:30-8PM. 

Doors will open to the public on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 at 10:30 AM. Come see us and receive some awesome giveaways at:

9869 Colerain Ave. 

Cincinnati, OH 45251

What’s in it for you?

If you want to be our #1 Caniac fan, we recommend showing up early. Be the first in line and get in on all the amazing surprise giveaways (that come with being #1). 

The first 20 customers get FREE Cane’s for a YEAR!

The first 100 customers get a FREE Box Combo card and a Cane’s T-shirt!

There are plenty more prizes and giveaways for the amazing Caniacs who join us for the grand opening, so don’t miss out!

Why Are We So Excited? Hear it from one of our own Caniacs!

“The Colerain market is extremely attractive for us and something that we have pursued for several years.  We look forward to our opening there this fall and partnering with the local schools, businesses and organizations.”

– Eric Ongaro | President, Fry Cook & Cashier | RCO Limited

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