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Friday & Saturday, November 17th & 18th

The Contemporary Dance Theater (CDT) will kick-off its 2017-2018 season of the Performance & Time Arts (PTA) series at 8PM on Friday & Saturday, November 17th & 18th, at the College Hill Town Hall located on Larch Ave. This thought-provoking Fall show covering the themes of social justice and social change will be Produced and Directed by Choreographer and Dancer, Ms. Diana L. Ford, and will include a diverse blend of music, dance, poetry, visual art and multimedia by local Performers and Artists. She will be doing more excerpts from her theatrical production in the making, “Welcome to America: There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This Crap…”, which is based on her Community Facebook Blog page:

“Welcome to America: There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This Crap…” (Part 3) reflects on how we currently live in a world full of chaos, and social and economic unrest. It will show our fading civil liberties, our lack of acceptance, tolerance, and people’s false sense of freedom, safety and security in the dominating Land of the Afraid. This piece will emphasize how important it is for us to stand up for our rights, and strengthen our communities, because in the end, we cannot rely on government officials to save us. Our power to help one another is far greater if we stand in unity, and realize that we’re all connected. Believe in making a difference.

~Featured Performers & Artists will include:
*Diana L. Ford, DLF Productions & CompanyProducer & Director/Choreographer & Dancer
*N.R.G. da Nu Ra Goddezz (Amber Nicolle) Spoken Word Artist
*Amirah Al-ShuruqChoreographer & Dancer
*Nicole A. Hershey Choreographer & Dancer

*Preston Bell CharlesMusician & Storyteller
*Diane GermaineWriter, Poet & Choreographer

The program will be approximately 2 hrs. long, and there will be an intermission. So please, mark your calendars and come out and support this show.

Tickets will also be available at the door at regular prices, $15 general admission and $12 students/seniors (with ID). For more information, visit

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