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Tiffany Coleman, at far left, and Asia Frazier, at far right, have developed an app for college students. The two girls in the middle were at their first business event for Fresh in late November. Photo provided

Students Tiffany Coleman and Asia Frazier, of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, have created an app called Fresh that helps students make money on their own time and also connect with different students on their campus.

“As college students, it is hard to keep our finances afloat, as well as keep up with being involved on campus, school work, and finding our purpose in life,’’ said Coleman. “All of these things factor into our time and availability, so we wanted to come up with a way to help not only ourselves, but other students.’’

Frazier says there are so many people who have talents that aren’t shared with the entire campus, because there’s simply just too many people who are not aware of their services or items they want to sell, buy or trade.

“Also, in college it’s easy to get comfortable with close friends and what we like to do together, so we hope the Fresh app changes that dynamic and enables students to experience new people and things by offering their unique services to other students on their campus.

“What better way to do that than making money,’’ Frazier said.

In doing that, Fresh offers two features.

One feature lists student services that available, and how to buy, sell and trade them. Students offer their expertise in services in personal care for hair, nails and makeup, expertise in photography, tailoring, tech repair, tutoring and other fields etc.

The second feature involves the creation of a campus online marketplace where students can sell, buy or trade items in their possession with other students on campus, such as old textbooks, clothes, electronics and other items.

“We hope to promote creative, diverse, and professional individuals through Fresh,’’ Coleman said.

The app will be released in February, she said..

There is an instagram page for it at @Thefreshappllc, if people want to follow it as well.

At Kent State University, Coleman is majoring in digital systems software development, and Frazier is an interpersonal communications major. Both are 20 years old.

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