By Drew Jackson

Winton Woods City Schools

PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods Intermediate students present projects at their student project exhibition. Photo by Drew Jackson.

FOREST PARK—Winton Woods City Schools is in the final phase of transitioning from traditional teaching to wall-to-wall project-based learning (PBL). Because of this, student project exhibitions were scheduled for every grade so that parents and the community can get a first-hand view of how students learn core standards through project work. “Our student project exhibitions provide an opportunity for students to showcase what their academic projects look like,” said Corina Denny, community engagement coordinator. “We believe the PBL process enables our students to develop and master 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving in an engaging and meaningful way.”

Exhibitions are scheduled throughout the school year.  The remaining dates include:

Winton Woods High School: February 13 (5-6 p.m.), Winton Woods Middle School: February 1 (5-8 p.m.); Winton Woods Intermediate School: Grade 6 April 26 (9-10:30 a.m.) and Grade 5 May 2 (6-7:30 p.m.); Winton Woods Elementary School: January 25 (6-7 p.m.); Winton Woods Primary North: PreK/Kindergarten April 12 (6-7:30 p.m.) and Grade 1 April 19 (6-7:30 p.m.) and Grade 2 April 26 (6-7:30 p.m.); Winton Woods Primary South: Kindergarten April 12 (6-7:30 p.m.); and A Night of Freedom (all grades): March 22 (5:30-8 p.m.)


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