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Photo provided by Mr. Daugherty’s Estate

Edward “Eddie” Daugherty recently passed.

Daugherty was a product of the 1960s and 1970s. He took great pride in the way he dressed, considering it an art form.

Daugherty was a reserved person who only bonded with a select few, one of which was Robert C. Jones. The two fashion icons were very close. So close, Jones’ response to his passing was, “He was my best friend.” Daugherty despised the way young boys wore their pants sagging below their buttocks, even confiding in Jones that he did not want them at his funeral.

Jones respected his friend’s wishes and took action to prevent anyone who was not appropriately dressed to enter the memorial service for Daugherty. Jones hired a police officer to ensure that the dress code was enforced.

The memorial service, held at Spring Grove Funeral Homes, on Saturday March 17, 2018, was the first of its kind. John Douthitt, funeral director at Spring Grove Funeral Homes, stated that this was the first memorial service or funeral to have an enforced dress code. Per Douthitt, attendees were required to be in “church clothes,” and no one wearing blue jeans was permitted in.

Jones, executor of Eddie Daugherty’s estate, further clarified the dress code stating that the funeral home was instructed that blue jeans, ball caps or t-shirts (which have become the popular in recent years amongst funeral goers) were not acceptable attire for Daugherty’s homegoing service. Male attendees were advised to wear dress slacks and collared shirts.

At the memorial service, well known and respected musician Steve Thomas performed on his saxophone to celebrate the life of Eddie Daugherty. Throughout the service, Thomas played Daugherty’s favorite music, smooth jazz.

The eulogy was given by Reverend Anthony Collier, who also sang a song in Daugherty’s honor. Jones wrote and performed a poem titled “Eddie.’’

“It turned out to be classy,” Jones said. “I hope that Eddie’s funeral will become a model for future funeral and memorial services.”

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